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240L moisture absorber dehumidifier

Short Description:

The SHIMEI dehumidifier, equipped with international brand compressor to ensure high refrigeration performance, humidity digital display and humidity automatic control device, is featured by elegant appearance, stable performance and convenient operation.The outer shell is sheet metal with surface coating,  strong and corrosion resistant.

Dehumidifiers are widely used in scientific research, industry, medical and health, instrumentation, commodity storage, underground engineering, computer rooms, archives rooms, warehouses and greenhouse. They can prevent equipments and stuffs from damages caused by damp and rust. The required working environment is 30% ~ 95%relative humidity and 5 ~ 38 centigrade ambient temperature.

Product Detail

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Item MS-9240B MS-9300B
Dehumidity Capacity 240L(510pints)/Day at (30℃ RH80%) 300L(635pints)/Day at (30℃ RH80%)
Voltage Voltage:208-240V 380V-415V 50 or 60Hz Voltage:208-240V 380V-415V 50 or 60Hz
Power 4200W 5500W
Apply Space 400㎡(4305ft²) 500㎡(5390ft²)
Dimension(L*W*H) 770*480*1550MM (30.3''x18.9''x61'') Inches 770*480*1550MM (30.3''x18.9''x61'') Inches
Weight 150kg(330 lbs) 165kg(365 lbs)

Product introduction

SHIMEI dehumidifier with a large capacity dehumidification unit with high air flow. These units are specially designed for large spaces like warehouses, greenhouses,  swimming pools, large basements, and big factory workshops.

It is a floor mount dehumidifier with an extraction capacity .The unit is supported by four wheels. Two wheels are lockable. The suction of wet air is from the front side and discharge of dry air from the top. The casing of this indoor industrial dehumidifier is made of strong metal with powder-coated paint.

The front panel is fitted with a control panel. From the control panel, the user can set required humidity level. Users can set an automatic on/off delay timer.


- Auto-defrost. Solenoid valve or electrical heating to defrost for option.
- Digital display. It could be controlled both by timer and humidity.
- Rotary compressor.  3-minute delay to protcet compressor.
- Drainage with tank or external hose.
- Sensor fault indicator function.
- Water pump is for option.
- 24 hours timer funtion. 


Our service

OEM available 
We supply you 24 hours techinical solution.
1. one year warranty. if any problem, we send to you free main spare parts.
2. we supply you spare parts with low price after one year .
3. 1% free spare parts if you could reach our MOQ.


Should I run my dehumidifier all day?

To achieve the highest energy efficiency, run a dehumidifier for at least 12 hours a day. This will allow you to remove moisture from the air without racking up the energy costs.

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